The Bento Evolution

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There was a time when plastic wrap, microwave and dishwashing machine didn't exist.  It was also a time when no one was worrying about environmental pollution and micro-plastics in our food. 

Revitalize and reinvent the use of ma-ge-mono wooden boxes.

What is Magemono?

Ma-ge-mo-no (Japanese for "bent" "objects"), refers to boxes and objects made by bending thin planks of cedar or cypress, with sakura bark stitching at the joint.   This craft carries over 300 years of history, started as utensils including water ladle and offering trays in Shinto shrine rituals.  During the Edo and Meiji period (16th to 19th century), it became humble utilitarian wares including wooden bento boxes for the commoners.  Historically, magemono were produced in many towns throughout Japan. Aging population, post-war urbanization with the boom in commercial plastic-ware and off-shore cheap labor production have all led to the decline of the craft.