Why not gift a eco-friendly bento box to your loved ones. 


GIFT SET BENTO - A comes with

  • Classic rectangular single-tier bento box (TD)
  • Red Elastic Belt
  • Square Furoshiki wrapping cloth (your choice of pattern)


Be creative, fill it with any goodies, sweets, pastries, recipe cards for your food-loving friends and family.    Or simply just gift this bent-wood box for those who appreciate the hand-made Japanese craft.  Help promote sustainable product that lasts and support craft revitalization. 


Made with finely planed 4mm thick cedar wood with the iconic sakura bark stitching.   It has a very pleasant aroma of cedar wood.  Bento boxes is the most popular item and veteran artisan Mr. Morita with over 50 years of experience can make about 60 units a day.  


FUROSHIKI is a traditional Japanese craft.  This versatile wrapping cloth serves so many different purposes in the culture of Japan.   Gift wrapping, travel toiletries bagging, neck scarf, small hand bag... you name it. 


We have selected 2 special Furoshiki wrapping cloths for you!

Double-sided with different colors so they are reversible for your creative wrapping.  



PLUM FLOWER -  blossoms in the winter, representing New Year and New Beginning.  Great for any celebration, birthday and wedding.  

SPROUTS -  a traditional motif of bean sprouts represents new life, and sprouts of fresh energy.  Great for newborn celebration, house warming, career changes, promotion and any auspicious occasions.   


MADE IN JAPAN.  100% cotton. 


GIFT SET - Bento Box TD + wrapping cloth

  • 48cm x 48cm (18"x18")

    100% Cotton. Made in Japan

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