How about some Japanese KAWAII CUTE culture with artisanal, all-natural handmade goodies.   We have put together the mini items from our portfolio to create this unique, quality gift set for this holiday!  Working with small-batch producers, we follow the rule of high-quality, limited quantity. 



  •  Our popular mini Donguri Acorn Ceramics Cup, hand-thrown by Yamamaru Kiln
  •  One Leaf small plate (called mame-sara in Japanese), handmade by Yamamaru 
  •  One Mini wooden top doll, handmade by top-master Kumamoto. 5 styles to choose from:  Tengu, Hyottoko, Okame, Mousey, Kintaro (email us your preference after order)


All our artisans reside in rural Japan where respect to nature and utilizing all-natural material have been the core principle of their family businesses and craft work for centuries.  With heritage knowledge in forestry, trees, and all natural materials, they also draw inspiration from nature.  Their sensitivity translates into their work.  Nothing compares to the visual and tactile warmth of their handmade items.  


This year, let's embrace natural and sustainable goods, and learn the value of well-made product that lasts.  Respect slow-craft and slow-living. 


All proudly handmade in Japan. 

Read stories on Yamamaru ceramics and Kumamoto tops. 


* Small parts are not suitable for young children or baby, beware of choke hazard. 
* Specification may slightly varies due to the nature of hand-made product.  Each product is unique.

Check Shipping and Handling page on updated COVID impact on postal services.

Mini-nature GIFT SET - A

SELECT Wood Top Doll
  • Height (lid on)  9.5 cm      4.33"
    Height (lid off)  7 cm        3.12"       
    Diameter (at mouth)   6 cm      2.36"
    Volume  approx. 120ml

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