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9/1/2020  RE-Launched our new webpage! 



A serendipitous visit to the remote Koishiwara in November 2017, a small village recovering from a massive flood, inspired the establishment of TAKETOMBO and our bond with the local potters and many artisans.  Japan's craft culture stretches far beyond what you see in Tokyo and Kyoto.  Taketombo is a travel curator and a craft-design incubator. 

Since then, TAKETOMBO travels throughout Japan exploring the many forgotten towns and deep-diving into various traditional craft culture.  These journeys have led to connections with many artisans, old and young, relentlessly working towards a common goal:  to sustain the humble legacy and pave new future for Japanese crafts. 


To tell genuine stories and provide access to these artisans' work, we established GOENNE.  The dedication to sustain family heritage, the pride in utilitarian craftsmanship, and embracing what nature endows - these become the basis of curation for Goenne.  We are not selling branded Japanese lifestyle goods.  We are telling genuine stories of artisanship and the hands behind the craft with honesty and sincerity. 


Our journey continues.  We hope to build special connection between the Makers and enthusiastic Users through the special objects we found.  Commodities that carry heart and soul.


Serendipity will lead the way. 


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