Foodies will love this, the tierd square boxes are for special Japanese oseki course meal.  They are usually in 2, 3 or 5 tiers because 4 is an unlucky number.   We have chosen the "perfect number" 3 tier box for you.  Oseki meal is commonly served in special and celebratory occasions. 


Top tier is typically for "celebratory" food and appetizer:  sweet chestnuts, black beans, fish roes etc.. all symbolizing health and good fortune. 


Middle-tier is usually partitioned for a Grilled dish焼き物 like sea bream, yellowtail or prawns; and a Pickled dish 酢の物 like red-white radish with vinegar.  Each also with auspicious meaning.


Base-tier is usually for Boiled food or Stew 煮物 like lotus roots, kelp and yam stew.  


Your turn now.  How would you use these tierd-boxes?   For confection? Afternoon high-tea? Hors d'oeuvre?  The boxes offer unlimited possibility for impressive food presentation.  Or why not use it as storage containers for your personal goodies.   


Be sure to check the size before ordering.   


Made with finely planed 4 mm thick cedar wood with the iconic sakura bark stitching.   It has a very pleasant aroma of cedar wood.  

Check out the "making-of" video to see the process of bending. 


Proudly hand-made with local material at ShibataToku old shop in Japan.  Join the movement, .  Own a piece of unique history from Hakata.   


Take good care of it and it will last you a long time.  Read the care instruction. 



Why not add a FUROSHIKI Wrapping Cloth so you can carry the box out?  Here are 2 beautiful patterns for you to choose:


Turtle Shell (Blue-Gold) is a traditional Japanese pattern symbolizing longevity and eternal prosperity.

Plum Flower (Red-White) symbolizes luck, Spring and new life. Red and White are celebratory colors in Japan.


70cm x 70cm.  100% Cotton.  Made in Japan. 


* Specification may varies slightly due to the nature of hand-made product.  Each item is unique.

** Unlike molded plastics, wood is an organic material, each piece is different, expect to see some natural blemishes, wood grains or marks.  

Boîte carrée à 3 niveaux - TD

Add Wrapping Cloth (FUROSHIKI)
  • 145 mm x 145 mm (5,7 "x 5,7")

    Hauteur totale 150 mm (5,9 ")

    Hauteur de la boîte à un étage 40 mm (1,6 ")

    Profondeur de la boîte 37 mm (1,45 ")

    Profondeur de la boîte de base 40 mm (1,57 ")

    la boîte de base est légèrement plus profonde que les 2 niveaux supérieurs

    * Les spécifications peuvent varier légèrement en raison de la nature du produit fabriqué à la main. Chaque article est unique.

  • Bois de cèdre de Kyushu

    Écorce d'arbre Sakura d'Akita

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