Driving positive impact through consumption. 

Japan has precious ancient intelligence and cultural history. The country warmly welcomes your curiosity. Ever wonder how have your desire to visit and experience Japan impact the country?  


When businesses capitalize on the popularity of Tokyo and Kyoto in the past decade, it also brings unprecedented negative impact to these tourist-swamped hotspots: local businesses being squeezed out by tourist-focused commerce, irresponsible real estate developments, inflation caused by the tourist-guesthouse rush, residential community's disturbance, pollutions... to name a few.  "Kanko kogai" (tourism pollution) has become a hot topic especially in Kyoto in recent years. 

TAKETOMBO and GOENNE works with local artisans to divert attention and revitalization effort to smaller, lesser-known rural towns; one artisan at a time, one town at a time. We want to raise awareness to the international community on social challenges brought by over-tourism and uneven distribution of resources in Japan.  Peer through the candy-coated marketing and packaging of popularized towns, and you will see many humble historic craft towns seeking to sustain their craft legacy and to build resilience.

Pandemic Learnings

Why not sees the catastrophe as a point of restart.  We will soon resume to regular shopping and global traveling. 

Responsible Consumption

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