This diamond-shape bowl is an iconic Oribe ware from Mino.  The specific name of this type of vessel called mukozuke, is used in Japanese Kaiseki cuisine, which is placed above and centered the miso soup and bowl of rice; usually for sashimi raw fish. 


During 1500s when tea ceremony is at it's peak of development in Japan. Oribe is a famous wabi tea master and philosopher, one of the apprentice of Senno Rikyu.  Oribe developed his own style of table ware in the Mino region, praised for their liberated, liveliness and care-free style in the world of wabi tea.  Plenty of Oribe-ware from the 17th century is in the collection of the ceramics museum in Tajimi Mino.  The signature green glaze is named after him (Oribe glaze).    


Mr. Koga applied kintsugi gold repair to the chipped edge of this muko bowl.



To show our respect to this rare craft and wabisabi, we only showcase works repaired with authentic method done in Japan. 

  • we do not break new pottery and repair it to create inventory.  Each piece comes with history and story.
  • we do not forge imperfection. All blemishes, imperfection you see is of the vessel's original state from the maker or from aging. 


Peer through fancy packaging and romanticized philosophy about Kinstugi.  Be educated from the resource represented by Japan artisans to truly appreciate this craft.



Yoichi Koga is a multi-faceted artist with over a decade of experience in kintsugi and lacquer art.  He does commission kintsugi work for sushi restaurants to repair their expensive antique serving plates.  Mr. Koga is extremely passionate about collecting interesting antique ceramics.  In Japan, most artisan accepts kintsugi commission to help owners to repair memorable ceramics, Mr. Koga finds pleasure in kintsugi because of the pottery's history.  When we discuss about doing a kintsugi gallery here, he had a hard time parting with some of his work that he collected over the years! :-)


** The identification of pottery is an estimation based on style, characteristics, stamps or signature, and coloration/discoloration. We do not provide appraisal or authentication of origin.  Authenticity described above is on kintsugi repair work, all done by Mr. Koga.  


*** We do not offer exchange or refund on Kintsugi items. 



(Read SHIPPING section for updated service condition before order)


Mino Oribe diamond-shape bowl - Kintsugi

105,00$ Prix original
95,00$Prix promotionnel
  • Long side 135mm  (5.31")

    Shortside 120mm  (4.72")

    Height  50mm. (1.97")


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